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Today's Flower: HYDRANGEA!

This classic beauty is a favorite among brides. Not only is she beautiful, but she smells great. From pinks to purples, blues and whites, hydrangeas come in a variety of colors. She is however a lush for water- hence her name "hydra". To keep this beauty looking alive and fresh, keep her watered well! I guarantee you, she'll be the one in the vase sucking up all of the water.

This flower is also great for centerpieces, bouquets, and alter arrangements. To save money on bouquets, you could always use hydrangeas because they they are so full and beautiful. She plays well with other flowers but she can also stand alone.

Two stem hydrangea bridesmaid bouquet

So here is a little florist secret: once her stems are properly cut, place the flower in hot water for about 30 seconds before placing her in a vase. This will keep her blooms full and beautiful. It will also decrease the chances of her wilting quickly. An added bonus: use a spray bottle with flower food and spray her petals.

This girl loves to get rained on!

Hope you enjoyed our flower of the week! Please tell us what your all time favorite flower is.

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